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Estrella and Los Valles Hydroelectrics

La Estrella Hydroelectric plant is located between Boquete and Caldera, approximately 40 kilometers north of the city of David, in the occident of the Chiriqui Province.

La Estrella starts operations in 1979, with an installed capacity of 42 MW, taking advantage of the flowing waters of the Caldera River, deflected approximately two kilometers south of the village of Boquete, with a normal operation elevation of 979 meters over sea level, and pouring the turbines waters to an elevation of 605 meters over sea level, its maximum turbine flow is 14.46 m3/s.

Nowadays, after re-powering works that consisted in the reconditioning and improvement of the Francis type existing units, the plant has the total installed capacity of 47.2 MW.

The Los Valles Hydroelectric facility is located approximately three kilometers northeast of the Caldera village. This facility, like La Estrella, was object of re-powering on its own two Francis type units that finished in May 2007, for a total installed capacity of 54.8 MW. Los Valles began operations in 1979, and uses the turbine waters of the La Estrella facility with the addition of the flowing waters diverted from the Los Valles River, for a turbine flow of 23.20 m3/s. The normal operation elevation is 605 meters over sea level and discharges to a elevation of 305 meters over sea level.

Both facilities, La Estrella and Los Valles, are installations of flowing water usage or without reservoir with little compensation dams. The current proprietary of these centrals is AES Panama.

Fortuna and Estí Hydroelectrics

The Fortuna hydroelectric facility is a dam facility that’s located in the Chiriqui province was opened in March 1984, with an installed capacity of 300 MW (3 100MW units or Pelton turbines) taking advantage of the flowing waters of the Chiriqui River, deflected by a rock dam with a concrete screen of 100 meters height. Counts with a 6 Km long pressure tunnel, a 8 km long discharge tunnel and a engine room access tunnel. The engine room is underground (430 meters deep). The normal level operation is 1050 meters over sea level pouring the turbine waters to a level of 242 meters over sea level; its maximum turbine flow is 45 m3/s. Fortuna hydroelectric is one of the main providers in the Republic of Panama and its current proprietary is ENEL Fortuna.

The Estí hydroelectric facility is located approximately at 22 kilometers northeast of the city of David, very close to the village of Gualaca, it started operating on November 2003. This facility counts with two units for a total installed capacity of 120 MW.

Uses the turbine waters or discharges of the Fortuna hydroelectric with the addition of the flow waters deflected of the Caldera and Chiriqui Rivers and the Barrigon stream. The facility consists of two dams, one made of concrete over the Chiriqui River and the other over the Barrigon stream, a channel of approximately 5.7 km long to the engine room, with spills to the Estí River. Its current proprietor is AES Panama.

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